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OUR STORY (or prologue, for now)


It all started with a raccoon who climbed a skyscraper in my hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota. The inspiring true story of courage and never giving up led me to come up with a pen name (EQ Wright) and write a picture book for my daughter.


I had no experience doing such a thing, and the seemingly impossible experience of trying to find an illustrator, agent, editor and publisher led me to create and self-publish the book in less than 3 months after that fateful climb. Countless story ideas and manuscripts later, I developed a broader curiosity of how to bring engaging stories to a wider audience.


But it was recognizing how important it is for families to share quality storytelling experiences that helped me understand a need that many communities share around the world. Taking action in hopes to make a difference, I've created 5 stories TALL - a unique opportunity of bringing people together to reach the most important audience of all: kids.

- Joseph O'Brien

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